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Day 26 – May 31st – Litter Kwitter

  On the plane to Boston, I was looking through the Sky Mall catalog. So many useless gadgets in there. I was particularly struck by the Litter Kwitter, which is a system to train your cat to use the toilet. Good stuff. I actually just went and watched the video. Check it out if you […]

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Day 25 – May 30th – NEW HAMPSHIRE – home sweet home!

Cut paper and Pen on Paper. I will be in New Hampshire until the 8th of June. I haven’t been home in years. Update… It was a fantastic trip. Lots of family, friends, catching up, swimming, canoeing, diner breakfasts, and BUGS!! Lots and lots of bugs. Bats are being killed off by the white-nose syndrome […]

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Day 24 – May 29th – Self Portrait as Vegetable

Digital Collage I am on the 5th day of my cleanse. I have eaten so many vegetables that today I actually felt like I might be turning into one.

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Day 23 – May 28th – GO AROUND!

Collage and Ink on Paper. In honor of my good friend Branden’s birthday, I made today’s piece. It’s sorta a “you had to be there” moment, but just picture Branden pretending to ride a bike down I-25 yelling to all the cars “GO AROUND! I’M ON A BIKE, GO AROUND!” It was REALLY funny. … […]

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Day 22 – May 27th – Dance or Dunce?

Pen and Watercolor on Paper. Conjoined raven twin – one likes to party. one likes to pout.

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Day 21 – May 26th – Raw Vegetable Salad

Pen and Watercolor on Paper I am finishing my second day being on a cleanse, and I’m feeling really amazing. This is one of my favorite salad recipes included in the program.  If you are interested in learning more about this cleanse, or about healthy eating in general, I highly recommend you contact Jenn Jessup, […]

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Day 20 – May 25th – Tree Hugger Shirt

Sewn fabric on T-shirt I love summer. I love being outside. Rain or shine.

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Day 19 – May 24th – Evening Go-fer

Photograph Donkey, Riley, and Kyler on an evening walk… or as Riley likes to call it a “go-fer” This certainly isn’t the most technically sound photo, but it does capture what its like to walk these two together.

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Day 18 – May 23th – You Don’t Want Bugs

Cut and Sewn Paper Couple funny stories about bugs this week. I was babysitting and the two boys found a roly poly outside while they were digging in the dirt. The four year old went on and on about the bug for about five minutes. Four yr old: “Cute little roly poly, oh I love […]

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Day 17 – May 22nd – Brunch Haiku

Pen, watercolor on paper. Working Sunday brunch is not fun. We joke about it smelling like coffee, ketchup, sweat and tears. I actually have cried because I was so upset that I had to work yet another one … Next time you go out for brunch – keep your server in mind. They may not […]

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Day 16 – May 21st – Stumpy-Tooth Zombie Killer

Digital collage. The Center for Disease Control advises that we prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. We decided to teach Riley to eat the zombies with her stumpy teeth. She’s been practicing. The CDC advises: “When zombies are hungry they won’t stop until they get food (i.e., brains), which means you need to get out of […]

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Day 15 – May 20th – North Six Shooter

Pen and watercolor on paper. Just a quick little sketch of the North Six Shooter in Indian Creek Utah.

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Day 14 – May 19th – Practicing Alchemy

Photograph On our camping trip, we talked about cleaning as a form of alchemy. Cleansing involves transformation, be it physical, mental or emotional.  It allows for a fresh start, with new space to work with, and often new perspectives. My friend Libby is one of the most beautiful and talented alchemists I know.

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Day 13 – May 18th – Home of the Desert Frog

Photograph. It rained the entire four days of our desert camping trip. It was beautiful. Hiker Man: “A frog, really!?!” Us: “Yup. Over there.” Hiker Man: “Wow! Tell me it’s a tree frog and I’ll be happy.” Julia: ” … It’s a tree frog …”

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Day 12 – May 17th – Sorry Is As Sorry Does

I went on an amazing desert camping trip with some of the most wonderful girlfriends I could ask for. On the first day, getting packed up and on our way there, we noticed how often we all said “sorry” to each other. Sorry for things that weren’t in our control at all. Sorry for things […]

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Day 11 – May 16th – Still Life With Woodpecker

Photograph, Digital Collage I was babysitting again today and we spent a good part of the morning playing “camp/ picnic” with miniature things. I like this lunch we assembled. Pig, chicken, orange juice, lettuce, tomatoes, an apple, sardines, jelly (or is it jam?) and cake. mmmm! Thank you Nicolette Wong for bringing life to these […]

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Day 10 – May 15th – Chivalry

Pen, Watercolor, Collage on Paper It has been raining for the better part of four days. Not very common in Denver. It makes me think of home.

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Day 9 – May 14th – Stomp Your Feet

Photograph Had a lovely time at the Lumineers show! What a great band! If you haven’t heard them, be sure to check them out. Feet-stomping, heart-filling, happiness-inducing music to be sure.

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Day 8 – May 13th – Ice Cream Pants

Pen, Watercolor, Collage on Paper There is an amazing ice cream place in Denver that serves dairy free ice cream for the lactose handicapped. Sweet Action. It has changed my life.  Although yesterday I was really full before going there, and I still managed to eat an entire waffle cone … and also finish off […]

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Day 7 – May 12th – Three Best Friends

Digital Collage Donkey, Chama, and Riley … the three best friends that anybody could have.   Chama is visiting for the week and Riley and Donkey couldn’t be happier. Here is the original photo for this piece – three spoiled dogs taking over the house.    

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Day 6 – May 11th – Siamese Cat

I was waiting for the light rail, zoning out, and I was thinking about how I don’t know anyone with a Siamese cat. Really random thought. This poem is really random too… but my favorite part about this project so far has been that I get to just have fun and create anything I feel […]

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Day 5 – May 10th – Watercolor Blobs

Watercolor, Ink on paper I was babysitting and we were having arts and crafts time. This was a piece of paper that was sitting between the watercolor palette and the picture I was making. The picture wasn’t very neat, but I liked the splotches on this scrap paper. Sometimes doodling is so simple and liberating.

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Day 4 – May 9th – Chicken Chick

pen on paper

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Day 3 – May 8th – Pet Elephant

Pen on Paper.  UPDATED by Scout Butcher Thanks Scout!!!! It is so wonderful!  

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Day 2 – May 7th – Two Headed Turtle

Ceramics and oil paint. I have to admit, I made this little guy last week, but I painted it on Day 2 of the project. I am playing with the idea of making a series of paintings about conjoined animals… so there may be more where this came from.  

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Day 1 – May 6th – Black Bird

Black Bird

Black Bird deconstructed 1950s atlas page. “What a sad little atlas page. I know, I’ll put a bird on it!” If you haven’t already seen it – watch Portlandia Episode 2. Funny.  

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    I have been influenced by the "100 day challenge", or the "100 days of summer" that creative people continually participate in. In such a project, an artist, photographer, videographer, writer, etc. will create one thing everyday for 100 days in a row. This summer, I have decided to launch my own creative challenge that draws from this premise. I have sent out requests for addresses of all the people who are important to my life in one way or another. Instead of choosing an arbitrary number, such as 100, I have decided to make something creative everyday for as many days as there are addresses of people who have influenced my life, and in turn, influenced my art. Each day I will make something new and different and, at random, pull one of these names from a box. The item for the day will be mailed to that person. If they choose to participate in this collaborative project, I ask that they change, alter, add to, or respond to the item I have sent in any way they like. Each day I will photograph and post the item to be mailed out. When I receive them back, I will update that day’s post with a photo of the finished collaborative piece. The thumbnail for posts that have been updated will show a red triangle in the top right corner.

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