Day 12 – May 17th – Sorry Is As Sorry Does

Sorry Is As Sorry Does

I went on an amazing desert camping trip with some of the most wonderful girlfriends I could ask for. On the first day, getting packed up and on our way there, we noticed how often we all said “sorry” to each other. Sorry for things that weren’t in our control at all. Sorry for things that just are. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. Thinking about this, we all decided to be more aware of our use of that word. Like so many other terms, when overused the power and sincerity of the word is lost.  However, the larger issue is that we should not feel so obliged to apologize for the way we are in this world, or every action that interacts with others. Own your true apologies. Make them authentic and meaningful. Otherwise, it is possible to state the truth without being sorry for it. Its not an easy habit to break we discovered over the four days in the desert.

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    LOVE. So true for me and the women in my family.

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