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Day 56 – June 30th – Boat Launch Camping

Thursday. Getting ready to camp at the boat launch.  

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Day 55 – June 29th – Off to the Yampa

Watercolor and ink on paper. Starting tomorrow, I will be off to the Yampa River for a five day river trip. See you when I get back!

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Day 54 – June 28th – Nineteen Seventy Nine

Acrylic, ink, and thread on canvas. 36″x36″ Finished sewing this painting today … I have five paintings up at The Other Side Arts at 1644 Platte St in Denver for the month of July.

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Day 53 – June 27th – Woman w Baby

Acrylic, ink, and thread on canvas, 42″x28″ Finished this painting today

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Day 52 – June 26th – Zebra

Collage on Paper. Through this project, I have realized how much I really love making collages. Using images that are already in existence and changing them, sometimes only slightly, can totally change the meaning. A good reminder that a change of perspective can mean all the difference.

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Day 51 – June 25th – The “Real” World

Collage and Ink on Paper. After returning from my most recent trip, my mother said something to me that I have been thinking about since. She said, “It must have been nice to be in the real world for a little while.” Yes. It was. And I started thinking about the phrase “welcome to the […]

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Day 50 – June 24th – Rescuing the Prince

Marker on “The Last Dragon” children’s story From a collection of stories found in Childcraft, Volume 4: Animal Friends and Adventures, 1949

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Day 49 – June 23rd – One and Three Chairs…and a Lollipop

Digital collage This piece is a play on Joseph Kosuth’s, One and Three Chairs, 1965 An example of conceptual art, the piece consists of a chair, a photograph of this chair, and an enlarged dictionary definition of the word “chair”. The piece is visual expression of Plato’s concept of The Forms. One and Three Chairs […]

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Day 48 – June 22nd – Flamingo Dancers

Collage and cut paper I found a book called Animal House by Catherine Ledner at a thrift store the other day. It  is a series of animal portraits. There were a few different shots of a flamingo …  I combined two of them to make Flamingo Dancers.

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Day 47 – June 21st – Solstice Sun and the Short Moon

Sol+stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning “sun”+”to stand still”. As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky. As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates […]

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Day 46 – June 20th – Keep the Pride

Vintage photograph with digital collage. In honor of this past weekends Pride Fest in Denver. Love is Love is Love… I don’t know who these guys are, I found this photo in a vintage shop today.  

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Day 45 – June 19th – Joon Bug

My great friends Kate and Joe just had their second little girl today. Her name is Joon. So I made her a Joon Bug. My embroidery skills leave a bit to be desired … UPDATE by Joon Hanzen

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Day 44 – June 18th – Balloon Man

Pen on Photograph  

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Day 43 – June 17th – Stuffed Bunny Thief

Collage, pen, and watercolor on paper.

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Day 42 – June 16th – 3 of Hearts

Pen on Paper. Most squid have three hearts.

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Day 41 – June 15th – Pajamas in the Sun

A mini shadow box, playing card size. Pajamas drying in the sun.

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Day 40 – June 14th – Pricess Dinah SoRess

Found Objects – Assembled. I have a habit of picking up various things I find while I’m walking around town. Some people call it junk … I like to refer to it as art supplies. I found this headless dinosaur a few years ago and have hung onto it. A few weeks ago, I found […]

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Day 39 – June 13th – The Butterfly Effect

Found Butterfly and Ink on Paper. Silas found this butterfly in the parking lot at Grafton Pond last week and gave it to me. I’ve been thinking a lot about my family and my father today. George Little Ayres. October 21, 1951 – June 13, 1994

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Day 38 – June 12th – the Sacred Heart of Gaia

another collage and watercolor. The Sacred Heart (also called the Sacred Heart of Jesus) is one of the most famous religious devotions meant to represent and emphasize the unmitigated love, compassion, and long-suffering of the heart of Christ towards humanity. I found this image of an ancient world map (Nova Universi Orbis Descriptio (1531) by […]

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Day 37 – June 11th – Man Shoes

I just watched the documentary Marwencol. Really great film – I recommend watching it (you can currently get it on Netflix instant watch). “Marwencol” is a documentary about the fantasy world of Mark Hogancamp. After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a bar, Mark builds a 1/6th scale World War II-era […]

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Day 36 – June 10th – The Unnatural Order of Things

Collage and Pen on Paper. Some things just can’t be fixed by man-made contraptions or technology. It is scary to think that bats and honey bees, among other creatures, are in serious danger. They are a presence that many of us take for granted and it is hard to imagine the repercussions of their decline […]

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Day 35 – June 9th – Self Styled

Pen on Paper. When I was really young I wanted to give myself a hair cut. So I took some scissors and chopped off a huge chunk right in front. I was really worried that my mom would find out and get mad, so I figured the best plan would be to dig a hole […]

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Day 34 – June 8th – Killer New Hampshire Mosquitos

Pen on Paper. First day back in Denver. Got back in the wee hours of the early morning. Trying to recover/not go mad from all the mosquito and black fly bites I got during the past week in New England. This is a sketch of the house I grew up in. There’s a little swamp […]

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Day 33 – June 7th – Life is Short

Pencil Rubbing on Paper. There’s a really old cemetery on Cider Hill Road near my house in New Hampshire. I went to do a grave rubbing and found a lot of young people buried there. This little guy (literally little Guy) was only 9 days old. Its a good reminder that we are all a […]

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Day 32 – June 6th – Sculptured Rocks

Watercolor and Pen on Paper. Another staple of home – Sculptured Rocks.

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Day 31 – June 5th – Water Bubbles

Watercolor and Pen on Paper. Just a quick sketch. One of my favorite things about New England is all of the water. My cousin Abby graduates from High School today! CONGRATULATIONS ABBY!!!!

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Day 30 – June 4th – Princess Battis Wedding

Watercolor and Pen on Paper. My very dear high school friend Brent Battis got married today. Congratulations Whitney and Brent! It was a beautiful day with lots of really great people … and BLUE FROSTED CUPCAKES!  

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Day 29 – June 3rd – Time Capsule

Found Objects. There is a house on Cider Hill Road in New Hampshire that my father used to work on. It was a beautiful old farm house from the 1700s. We used to go to work with my Pop and he would pay us $1.50 an hour to paint the place. A man named Sam […]

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Day 28 – June 2nd – Gnome Home

Re-appropriated objects and Childhood memories. When I was young my mom and I used to make houses in the woods for gnomes. I was hiking in Rumney with Kyler and came across a perfect spot for a gnome home. Just a quick little shack really. Love you Mom. UPDATED by Margaret Knipfer “Gnome Home” got […]

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Day 27 – June 1st – Cabin Cooking

Photograph. This is the cabin my father built. We lived until they had their third kid – Silas, and then they built the house. We cooked down here because the gas to the house is not hooked up right now. On this particular morning, we made bacon, eggs, kale and coffee. We forgot to bring […]

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    I have been influenced by the "100 day challenge", or the "100 days of summer" that creative people continually participate in. In such a project, an artist, photographer, videographer, writer, etc. will create one thing everyday for 100 days in a row. This summer, I have decided to launch my own creative challenge that draws from this premise. I have sent out requests for addresses of all the people who are important to my life in one way or another. Instead of choosing an arbitrary number, such as 100, I have decided to make something creative everyday for as many days as there are addresses of people who have influenced my life, and in turn, influenced my art. Each day I will make something new and different and, at random, pull one of these names from a box. The item for the day will be mailed to that person. If they choose to participate in this collaborative project, I ask that they change, alter, add to, or respond to the item I have sent in any way they like. Each day I will photograph and post the item to be mailed out. When I receive them back, I will update that day’s post with a photo of the finished collaborative piece. The thumbnail for posts that have been updated will show a red triangle in the top right corner.

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