Day 36 – June 10th – The Unnatural Order of Things

The Unnatural Order of Things

Collage and Pen on Paper.

Some things just can’t be fixed by man-made contraptions or technology. It is scary to think that bats and honey bees, among other creatures, are in serious danger. They are a presence that many of us take for granted and it is hard to imagine the repercussions of their decline and how much it will affect the natural order of things.

A recent article on the White-nose syndrome from the Associated press:

Experts: Bat fungus causing wildlife threat

A mysterious fungus attacking America’s bats could spread nationwide within years and represents the most serious threat to wildlife in a century, experts warned Congress Thursday…

…As a state wildlife biologist from Vermont put it, one cave there was turned into a morgue, with bats freezing to death outside and so many carcasses littering the cave’s floor the stench was too strong for researchers to enter.

They also warned that if nothing more is done to stop its spread, the fungus could strike caves and mines with some of the largest and most endangered populations of hibernating bats in the United States.

At stake is the loss of an insect-eating machine. The six species of bats that have so far been stricken by the fungus can eat up to their body weight in insects a night, reducing insects that destroy crops, forests and carry disease such as West Nile Virus.

Read the whole article at MSNBC.

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