Day 38 – June 12th – the Sacred Heart of Gaia

the Sacred Heart of Gaia

another collage and watercolor.

The Sacred Heart (also called the Sacred Heart of Jesus) is one of the most famous religious devotions meant to represent and emphasize the unmitigated love, compassion, and long-suffering of the heart of Christ towards humanity.

I found this image of an ancient world map (Nova Universi Orbis Descriptio (1531) by French mathematician and cartographer Oronce Finé) in a book I had laying around the studio. The heart-shaped world made me think of the unmitigated love the natural world offers, as well as the suffering it endures at the hands of humanity. Thus, today’s project: the Sacred Heart of Gaia (Greek Goddess of Earth or Mother Earth).

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  • About the Project

    I have been influenced by the "100 day challenge", or the "100 days of summer" that creative people continually participate in. In such a project, an artist, photographer, videographer, writer, etc. will create one thing everyday for 100 days in a row. This summer, I have decided to launch my own creative challenge that draws from this premise. I have sent out requests for addresses of all the people who are important to my life in one way or another. Instead of choosing an arbitrary number, such as 100, I have decided to make something creative everyday for as many days as there are addresses of people who have influenced my life, and in turn, influenced my art. Each day I will make something new and different and, at random, pull one of these names from a box. The item for the day will be mailed to that person. If they choose to participate in this collaborative project, I ask that they change, alter, add to, or respond to the item I have sent in any way they like. Each day I will photograph and post the item to be mailed out. When I receive them back, I will update that day’s post with a photo of the finished collaborative piece. The thumbnail for posts that have been updated will show a red triangle in the top right corner.

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