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Day 72 – July 16th – Rock Creatures

Kids tempera paint on found rocks. UPDATED by Butcher-Hanzen Family “I Spy with Bay” One fat tiger  –   Two red Elmos  –   One spiral snail  –  Two brunette babes One sneaky shark  –  Bun Bun  –  Red Bear  –  Joon Bug  –  Super Bay –  Polkagator Three gentle giraffes  –  Sheepy, Papa Sheepy, […]

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  • About the Project

    I have been influenced by the "100 day challenge", or the "100 days of summer" that creative people continually participate in. In such a project, an artist, photographer, videographer, writer, etc. will create one thing everyday for 100 days in a row. This summer, I have decided to launch my own creative challenge that draws from this premise. I have sent out requests for addresses of all the people who are important to my life in one way or another. Instead of choosing an arbitrary number, such as 100, I have decided to make something creative everyday for as many days as there are addresses of people who have influenced my life, and in turn, influenced my art. Each day I will make something new and different and, at random, pull one of these names from a box. The item for the day will be mailed to that person. If they choose to participate in this collaborative project, I ask that they change, alter, add to, or respond to the item I have sent in any way they like. Each day I will photograph and post the item to be mailed out. When I receive them back, I will update that day’s post with a photo of the finished collaborative piece. The thumbnail for posts that have been updated will show a red triangle in the top right corner.

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